Scientist: Moritz Maier

Moritz Maier profileDr Moritz Maier is a senior researcher at Fraunhofer IAO’s Centre for Responsible Research and Innovation with a background in psychology and neuroscience. His research focuses on participatory foresight processes, vision building, stakeholder involvement and co-creation in the field of emerging technologies, including neurotechnologies.

He has conducted his research at various institutions, including the University of Tübingen, the International Max Planck Research School for Cognitive Neuroscience, the Social Neuroscience Laboratory at the University of Toronto and the Neuroscience and Society Research Group at Monash University.

Person holding an eeg sensor measuring brain activity, concept of Brainwave monitoring and technology, created with Generative AI technology

The use of non-invasive brain stimulation for mental health and more: ethics and EU regulation

As part of an international research consortium (the EU-funded STIMCODE project), senior researcher Dr Moritz Julian Maier and his team have just developed recommendations on EU regulation and a code of conduct regarding non-invasive brain stimulation techniques: electrically or electromagnetically stimulating parts of the brain. Much needed, because such techniques are being used more and ...