Scientist: Marco Hubert

Marco Hubert profileMarco Hubert is Professor in Digitalization at the Department of Management (Aarhus University). His interdisciplinary research profile comprises behavioural research, information systems research, psychology, and neuroscience with a special focus on the impact of digitalization on individual behaviour, companies, and society. Currently, he is the PI of an EU-funded project – DIGYMATEX – that establishes a digital maturity index for children and adolescents broadly embedded into interdisciplinary research. Furthermore, his work focusses especially on mechanisms of digital platforms, smart technology, information and communication technology (ICT) associated with the investigation of underlying processes in individual decision-making. Here, he has a particular interest in digital environments and the interaction with smart devices. For example, he participates in projects about the investigation of smart home ecosystems, trust and risk perception in online-settings, the impact of technostress on consumer behaviour or the perception of consumers towards the establishment of relationships with virtual conversational agents.

Children safety online. Little girl using smartphone at home. icon of internet blocking app on foreground

Are children skilled enough for the digital world?

Digital technologies are part of modern, daily life. Not just for adults but also for children. Do they have the necessary skills to master them, though?

Marco Hubert interview: Child safety online. Little girl using smartphone at home. icon of internet blocking app on foreground

A scientist’s opinion: interview with Marco Hubert on children’s ‘digital maturity’

Interview with Marco Hubert, project coordinator of DIGYMATEX, an EU project which aims to understand children’s so called "digital maturity". What is digital maturity? Can this concept be applied to adults as well? Marco Hubert: The concept of digital maturity goes beyond measures of digital skills or literacy. It is in fact a dynamic concept ...