Scientist: Kjeld Schmiegelow

Kjeld Schmiegelow profile

Prof. Kjeld Schmiegelow is Head of Paediatric Oncology, Copenhagen University Hospital Rigshospitalet in Denmark. He also was Secretary General of The Nordic Society for Paediatric Haematology/Oncology 2000-2005 and the European Branch of the International Society for Pediatric Oncology 2002-2006. Currently he is founder and chair of the International Ponte di Legno Toxicity Working Group (2013-now) and current chair of the European I-BFM ALL Committee.

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Tackling rare diseases together: Prof. Kjeld Schmiegelow proposes more collaboration and EU expert hubs

"Multinational rare disease expert hubs would speed up research, innovation and development", says Kjeld Schmiegelow, Professor of paediatrics and paediatric oncology at the Copenhagen University Hospital (Denmark). Together with his colleagues, he proposes an EU level framework for data sharing and scientific collaboration to tackle rare diseases. Prof. Schmiegelow will be one of the speakers of ...