Scientist: Kate Orton Johnson

Kate Orton Johnson ESMH ScientistKate Orton Johnson is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the School of Social and Political Science, The University of Edinburgh. She has a MSc and a PhD in Sociological Research Methods from the University of Surrey. Her research interests relate to intersections between technology, culture and everyday life. In addition to ARTICONF, she is working on a Digital Detoxing project, studying the processes and meanings of disconnecting from digital culture. She has expertise in digital leisure, internet research and innovative methodological uses of web technologies, cultures of learning and e -learning.

A social scientist’s opinion: Interview with Kate Orton-Johnson

A scientist’s opinion : Interview with Kate Orton-Johnson about the sociological context of digital technologies

The sociological context of digital technologies, a scientist’s opinion Interview with Kate Orton-Johnson, Programme Director of the Masters in Digital Sociology at the University of Edinburgh and ARTICONF project partner, about the importance of considering social and cultural aspects when developing new digital technologies. How did you get involved in the ARTICONF project? Kate Orton-Johnson: ...

More democratic, transparent and reliable the next generation social media

More democratic, transparent and reliable : the next generation social media

Social media platforms are used by one-third of the world population, they are changing how we find partners, access news and engage with politics. But the rise in disinformation and data privacy breaches are denting public trust. Is it too late to harness the potential of social media for good?