Scientist: Karen Gregory

ESMH expert Karen GregoryDr Karen Gregory is a senior lecturer in digital sociology at the School of Social and Political Science at the University of Edinburgh. Her research focuses on the experience of working online and the embodied nature of digital labour. She is Programme Co-Director of the MSc in Digital Society and co-lead of the Digital Social Science Research Cluster at the Center for Data, Culture and Society at the University of Edinburgh. Before moving to Scotland, she was a lecturer at The City College of New York where she developed and ran The City Lab @ The Center for Worker Education.

Man working near drawing son at home

The (digital) future of work in the post-Covid-19 era

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated digitalization and the adoption of new technologies that are having a profound effect on the way we work. It has highlighted the urgent need to protect workers’ rights and to adopt measures that ensure inclusive growth and close the digital divide.

Karen Gregory, Man working near drawing son at home

An expert’s opinion: An interview with Karen Gregory on the future of work post-covid

We speak with Karen Gregory, a digital sociologist at the University of Edinburgh, on how Covid-19 is affecting the way we work and its knock-on effects. Creative political interventions will be required to address the socio-economic inequalities highlighted by the pandemic. How had Covid-19 changed our working life? Karen Gregory: For those who can work ...