Scientist: Jean-Romain Bautista Angeli

Jean-Romain Bautista AngeliDr. Jean-Romain Bautista Angeli holds a PhD in Biotechnology from IMT Atlantique, in partnership with the Scientific and Technical Centre for Building (CSTB, Nantes, France). He wrote his PhD thesis on the feasibility of the anaerobic digestion at urban scale.
He worked as a Research Engineer at ENSAIA and INRAE, and recently joined Ghent University in Belgium to work on the European MELiSSA project, a project on circular life support systems in space.
Dr. Bautista Angeli’s research interests and expertise include biotechnology, anaerobic digestion, sustainable energy, methane production, biofilm formation, and environmental science.
Biogas plant in Germany with grain field

Renewable energy for urban areas: biogas – its possibilities and limitations

When talking about renewable energy, most people think about solar or wind power. However, other forms of energy are also renewable. Bioenergy for instance is energy extracted from biomass, and it includes both energy coming from direct combustion of biomass and liquid biofuels, as well as biogas from anaerobic digestion (also called methanisation). Could generating ...