Scientist: Jacopo Giuntoli

Jacopo GiuntoliJacopo Giuntoli is a Sustainability expert with broad-ranging expertise and experience especially focusing on bioenergy and the wider bioeconomy. Jacopo has worked extensively on the assessment of environmental impacts of bioenergy and bio-based commodities and has been actively involved in the debate on the governance of sustainability of forest-based bioenergy both at EU and international level. Jacopo has contributed to provide scientific evidence to support EU energy and climate policies for the past 11 years. Jacopo is currently supporting the JRC in defining a monitoring system for a sustainable and circular EU bioeconomy.

energy Oak tree trunks lying in front of a heap of biomass ready for use

Is burning wood really a form of renewable energy?

Over the last few decades, we have been presented with various possibilities for producing cleaner forms of energy. Recently, the climate change crisis has forced national governments, international institutions and organisations to develop programmes to reduce our pollution of the environment. The main question that has arisen is: How can we respond to the increasing ...

Biomass cogeneration plant

A scientist’s opinion: Interview with Dr Jacopo Giuntoli on burning wood as renewable energy

Interview with Dr Jacopo Giuntoli, sustainability scientist, life cycle assessment expert and EU bioeconomy researcher, that is collaborating with the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission. Several Joint Research Centre (JRC) researchers, along with scientists from the European Environment Agency’s Scientific Committee, have stated that burning wood would have a larger impact on the ...