Scientist: Ivan Oransky

Ivan Oransky profileMedical writer and editor Ivan Oransky founded the blog Retraction Watch in 2010 with Adam Marcus. The site has chronicled the rise in scientific retractions and draws attention to how researchers, journals, and institutions correct the scientific record.

Oransky is also Editor-in-Chief of Spectrum and Distinguished Writer In Residence at New York University’s Carter Journalism Institute. Previously, he was vice president of editorial at Medscape, executive editor of Reuters Health and held editorial positions at Scientific American and The Scientist. He is the recipient of the 2015 John P. McGovern Award for excellence in biomedical communication from the American Medical Writers Association.

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‘Predatory’ publications put pressure on the integrity of scientific literature

Over two million scientific papers are published every year worldwide. Faced with the pressure to 'publish or perish', researchers can be tempted by journals that charge low publication fees and publish articles of dubious quality. The scale of these 'predatory publication practices' and 'predatory publication journals' is global and can have far-reaching consequences, as such ...

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An expert’s opinion: Interview with Ivan Oransky on the perils of scientific publishing

Medical writer Ivan Oransky, co-founder of the blog Retraction Watch and Editor-in-Chief of the autism research news website Spectrum, speaks about the difficulties of assessing the quality of peer review and of retraction, the process of publication withdrawal of articles that display flawed or erroneous data. He offers advice for non-specialist readers of scientific literature. ...