Scientist: Idoia Ana Salazar García

Idoia Ana Salazar García ESMH scientistIdoia Ana Salazar García has a PHD in Journalism. Professor at the School of Communication of San Pablo CEU University. Specialised in the ethics of artificial intelligence. Principal Investigator for the SIMPAIR (Social Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics) research group. Co-founder and member of the steering committee of the Social and Ethical Impact of Artificial Intelligence Observatory (ODISEIA). Author of the books ‘La Revolución de los Robots: Cómo la Inteligencia Artificial y la Robótica afectan a nuestro futuro’ and ‘Las profundidades de Internet: Accede a la información que los buscadores no encuentran y descubre el futuro inteligente de la Red’. Project Coordinator and Head of the R & D department at Prisa Digital.

The use of AI in data journalism

The use of AI in data journalism : what are the ethical implications ?

Artificial intelligence is already being used in some newsrooms to mine data, create algorithms and automatically generate content. Using this technology on a daily basis raises new questions for journalists. Some experts claim that we are living a transitional phase, and that we have to make a decision about the future use of this technology ...