Scientist: Felix Irmer

Felix Irmer profileFelix Irmer is a Research Associate and PhD candidate at the Institute of Communication and Media Studies, Leipzig University, Germany. At the journalism department, he researches data- drivenreporting and its organizational structures and processes. As Research Associate, he is currently substituting the tasks of an assistant professor position focused on data journalism. Prior to coming to Leipzig University, Felix worked for more than five years in media related consulting roles. He is a former Fulbright fellow and holds an Erasmus Mundus Master’s degree in “Journalism and Media within Globalization” and a joint bachelor’s degree in media studies, literary and cultural studies. As a reporter, he has a background in print, radio and photo journalism.

ESMH Summer school 2023 Felix Irmer

Interview with researcher Felix Irmer on data journalism, society and distrust

"Data journalism, journalism informed by quantitative evidence, is an expanding field", says researcher Felix Irmer, of the Institute of Communication and Media Studies, Leipzig University (Germany). He was one of the speakers at the European Science-Media Hub Summer School from 6-10 June 2023. Data journalism can "transform large amounts of data and information into digestible ...