Scientist: Eileen Culloty

Eileen Culloty ESMH scientistEileen Culloty is a post-doctoral researcher at the DCU Institute for Future Media and Journalism, where she leads research on countering disinformation as part of the Provenance project. She sits on the management board of JOLT, where she investigates how to harness digital and data technology for journalism. Eileen is co-author, alongside Jane Suiter, of the Routledge book Disinformation and Manipulation in Digital Media: Information Pathologies.

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A scientist’s opinion: Interview with Professor Jane Suiter & Eileen Culloty about the EU Project Provenance

Jane Suiter is a professor at Dublin City University (DCU). With a focus on the public sphere and, in particular, on scaling up deliberation and disinformation, Jane is principal investigator of both Provenance, a multimillion-euro interdisciplinary EU-funded project that sets out to combat disinformation, and JOLT, a Marie Curie Innovative Training Network on harnessing digital ...

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Provenance: ‘Stop and think’ before sharing online content

Challenging dis- information in the news requires a multi faceted, multi disciplinary and multi media approach. The EU funded project ‘Provenance’ focuses on helping people evaluate online content, equipping them with media literacy skills and discouraging the sharing of unreliable information. Could interventions like this change the dynamics of social sharing by encouraging engagement with high-quality content?