Scientist: Denis Teyssou

Denis Teyssou ESMH ScientistDenis Teyssou is the head of AFP Medialab R&D. Denis is a journalist with a background in informatics and innovation management (from CNAM institute in Paris). He has worked in a dozen of French and EU-funded research and innovation projects in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the last twelve years.
He was the innovation manager of the InVID European project about video verification on social networks (2016-2018) and created the InVID verification plugin, a browser extension used worldwide by more than 16.000 journalists, fact-checkers, human rights defenders and media literacy scholars.
Both as InVID and AFP, he has participated in the CrossCheck operation (led by First Draft News) during the 2017 French presidential election. Now, he is currently the innovation manager of the Horizon 2020 WeVerify European project on information verification, social network analysis and deep fake detection. He is also working in a media literacy EU-funded project YouCheck! to adapt the fact-checking tools to media education.

A scientist’s opinion : Interview with Denis Teyssou about Deepfakes

A scientist’s opinion : Interview with Denis Teyssou about Deepfakes

Synthetic audio means that it will be possible to make any person say anything, making it even easier to make politicians or celebrities victims of deepfake as there is a lot of publicly accessible audio of their voices.

Deepfakes shallowfakes and speech synthesis tackling audiovisual manipulation

Deepfake, shallowfake and speech synthesis: tackling audiovisual manipulation

Despite alarmist news stories about deepfake heralding the end of democracy or truth itself, the technology – for better or worse – is far from perfect, which suggests that there is still a window of opportunity to prepare society, institutions and regulatory frameworks for the moment it is. The state of play Deepfakes (i.e. synthetic ...