Scientist: Carmen Fenollosa

Carmen Fenollosa ESMH ScientistCarmen Fenollosa is a senior Project Manager at Ecsite where she manages a number of project including ERC=Science2, FIT4FOOD and RETHINK. She also works in SISCODE and GRACE. Before joining Ecsite, She spent most of her professional career working in the cultural and creative industries field. More specifically she was the Managing Director of the Spanish Network of Independent Record Labels and the Independent Music Awards. She has a degree in Economics and hold a Master in Cultural institutions management.

RETHINK project: a look at the future of science communication

RETHINK project : a look at the future of science communication

Science communication is no longer the same. A project involving seven European countries aims to understand how science communication has changed. It’s not only a question of knowledge but also a matter of opportunities for the future.