Scientist: Bent Lauritzen

Bent Lauritzen profileBent Lauritzen is Head of the Radiation Physics section at DTU Physics, Technical University of Denmark. He holds a PhD in nuclear physics from the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen. Postdoctoral research carried out at Michigan State University, NORDITA, and at Massachusetts Institute of Technology covered topics in theoretical nuclear and many-body physics and in non-linear dynamics. From 1995 onwards, he has been engaged in the field of radiation physics and neutronics, with current research focused on reactor physics issues of molten salt reactors, atmospheric dispersion modelling and risk assessment from nuclear accidents.

Nuclear power plant in the middle of a flower meadow

Nuclear energy: innovation and sustainability

Interview nuclear physics expert Prof. Bent Lauritzen "Nuclear energy will play a decisive role in a transition to a low carbon European economy", says nuclear physics expert Bent Lauritzen of the Technical University of Denmark. However, "continued research and development in nuclear energy provision will be decisive if the European nuclear industry is to regain ...