Scientist: Andy Ridgway

Andy Ridgway ESMH ScientistAndy Ridgway is the RETHINK Project principal investigator for UWE Bristol, University of the West of England. Andy is Programme Leader of the MSc in Science Communication and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. His areas of research include science journalism and food waste in family homes. Among Andy’s current research projects is the European Commission-funded RETHINK, which is exploring digital science communication across Europe. Andy is a member of the judging team for the Max Perutz Science Writing Award run by the Medical Reseach Council.vBefore starting at UWE Bristol, Andy spent nearly 20 years as a journalist, including a spell as Deputy Editor of BBC Focus magazine. Prior to that, he worked in local newspapers as a Reporter and News Editor. Andy continues to be a practicing journalist, writing predominantly for BBC Focus as well as New Scientist. He has also written for The Economist and Men’s Health among other publications. As well as writing for and editing print publications, Andy has extensive experience of digital publishing, particularly on tablet computers. While editing BBC Focus’s interactive iPad app, it was named specialist publication of the year twice at the Digital Magazine Awards (2011 and 2012). Andy was also named Editorial Person of the Year in the BBC Magazines Awards for Excellence in 2010.

RETHINK project: a look at the future of science communication

RETHINK project : a look at the future of science communication

Science communication is no longer the same. A project involving seven European countries aims to understand how science communication has changed. It’s not only a question of knowledge but also a matter of opportunities for the future.

A scientist’s opinion : Interview with Andy Ridgway about the RETHINK project

A scientist’s opinion : Interview with Andy Ridgway about the RETHINK project

Interview with Andy Ridgway, Senior Lecturer in Science Communication at the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol), Bristol, and Principal Investigator for the RETHINK project. What role does UWE Bristol play in the project? Andy Ridgway: At UWE Bristol, we have been involved in some of the earlier phases of the data collection ...