Scientist: Ain Aaviksoo

Ain Aaviksoo profileAin Aaviksoo is currently the Chief Medical Officer of the blockchain company Guardtime. Prior to this he worked as Undersecretary for E-services and Innovation for the Estonian government overseeing the digital transformation and innovation of healthcare, labour and social matters.
Dr Aaviksoo, who obtained his MD from the University of Tartu and a Master of Public Health from Harvard University, has published over 20 peer-reviewed articles and contributed to several book chapters on health policy and eHealth, and he is regularly invited as keynote speaker on digital services and healthcare innovation at international events. He is lecturing in various universities on innovation and technology in healthcare.

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Putting the ‘e’ in e-Health – Interview with health IT expert Dr Aavikso

On 21 September, the Panel for the Future of Science and Technology of the European Parliament (STOA) is holding a workshop called ‘Putting the 'e' in e-Health’. Keynote speaker is Dr Ain Aaviksoo. We questioned him about the future of healthcare, the benefits of blockchain, the European Health Data Space and the obstacles you encounter ...