Scientist: Adam Marcus

Adam Marcus Photo ProfileAdam Marcus is co-founder of Retraction Watch and the managing editor of Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News. He is also a freelance science and medical writer. His articles have appeared in Science, New Scientist, Nature Medicine, The Scientist and The Economist, among others. He is a frequent contributor to Adam has a BA in history from the University of Michigan and an MA in science writing from Johns Hopkins University.

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An expert’s opinion: An interview with Adam Marcus on scientific publishing in times of COVID-19

Adam Marcus, Co-founder of Retraction Watch and managing editor of Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News, highlights the need to be vigilant about the quality of COVID-19 research papers and encourages publishers to publish fewer but better-quality papers. How many COVID-19 papers have been retracted so far this year? Adam Marcus: Our latest count is 37 retractions ...

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Covid-19: What are the consequences of the unprecedented rush for knowledge?

The surge in COVID-19 research papers has put the spotlight on the peer review process and is changing the way we assess the quality of scientific literature.