Contributor: Gareth Willmer

Gareth Willmer ESMH contributorGareth Willmer is a London-based freelance journalist and subeditor who covers science, technology and global development for a range of websites and publications. He has worked for publications including New Scientist, Nature, EU research and innovation magazine Horizon, science and global development publication SciDev.Net, and global development website Devex. He writes regularly on subjects from environmental issues and the evolution of life on our planet to how new technologies such as satellites can be used in agriculture and natural disasters in developing countries.

Social distancing concept. Physical contamination, infected people.

COVID-19 : tracking clusters to keep ahead of fresh surges

With many countries around the world beginning to see or anticipating a resurgence of COVID-19, attention has been turning to how to avoid an economically punishing second round of lockdowns while keeping transmission down. One method is by examining the types of hotspots where clusters of cases emerge.

Social distancing concept. Physical contamination, infected people.

A scientist’s opinion : Interview with Professor Rajib Shaw about clusters & superspreading

Interview with Professor Rajib Shaw at the Graduate School of Media and Governance at Keio University, Japan. What do you see as the most important part of your research on COVID-19 clusters in Japan? I think it was that the cluster-based approach was very important to identify the initial surge in numbers. In January and ...