Contributor: Beatriz Gálvez Garcés

BBeatriz Gálvez Garcés ESMH contributoreatriz Gálvez Garcés is a data and science journalist, TV news reporter and content writer. She works mostly for TVE, Spain’s state-owned television broadcaster, but also works in the private sector. She sometimes presents the news, but has recently published articles on, TVE’s website, on a variety of topics including science, politics (the European elections) and social issues. She has participated in the past two editions of the European Youth Media Days (2018 and 2019). She holds two Masters in journalism, one in data and investigative journalism and one in science and technology journalism. She is proud to know a bit about coding and considers herself a ‘journocoder’. She applies this background to her work in the fields of science, technology and communication and is always trying to think of different questions.

The use of AI in data journalism

The use of AI in data journalism : what are the ethical implications ?

Artificial intelligence is already being used in some newsrooms to mine data, create algorithms and automatically generate content. Using this technology on a daily basis raises new questions for journalists. Some experts claim that we are living a transitional phase, and that we have to make a decision about the future use of this technology ...