ESMH Media Review – September 21, 2022

Energy policy, climate change and media freedom: check out the ESMH selection of 35 science and tech news published in the last weeks on the web.

In the spotlight

European Commission proposes EU-wide energy cap
irishtimes, 14.09.2022
The European Commission unveiled proposals for a sweeping EU-wide energy cap and levy in a bid to stop member states imposing divergent national measures as they scramble to quell public outrage over high electricity bills.
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European Parliament backs 45% renewable energy goal for 2030
euractiv-en, 14.09.2022
The European Parliament voted on Wednesday (14 September) in favour of a 45% target for renewable energy in the EU’s energy mix by 2030, paving the way for negotiations with the 27 member states to finalise the text before the end of the year.
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Digital transition

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Cyber-risk from Internet of Things prompts new EU rules
euobserver, 15.09.2022
It is estimated that every 11 seconds there is a ransomware attack targeting an organisation across the globe – a dark criminal business with an estimated cost of €20bn in 2021. Overall, cybercrime had a global cost of €5.
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Scientists try to teach robot to laugh at the right time
guardian, 15.09.2022
Laughter comes in many forms, from a polite chuckle to a contagious howl of mirth. Scientists are now developing an AI system that aims to recreate these nuances of humour by laughing in the right way at the right time.
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Environmental sustainability

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Europe’s summer tells us climate change doesn’t care where you live
euronews-en, 16.09.2022
Europe’s record-smashing heatwave has given those of us who live in the global north a sobering look at what’s ahead. It’s removed any basis for thinking that the climate crisis would only affect generations to come or “other” countries.
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Patagonia founder pledges company to fighting climate change
deutschewelle-en, 15.09.2022
The planet is now Patagonia’s “only shareholder” as the company’s billionaire founder announced he would channel its profit to environmental concerns.
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Mobility & Energy

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World’s first fossil fuel registry launches
deutschewelle-en, 19.09.2022
The Global Registry of Fossil Fuels is the first large-scale public database to track what is yet to be burned. Its launch coincides with global climate talks set to take place at the UN General Assembly in New York.
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Sun, sea, sustainability – could your next European holiday be a greener one?
horizon-magazine, 16.09.2022
With the tourism industry on a high bounce following the lifting of pandemic restrictions, many holiday-goers are looking for ways to travel more responsibly and sustainably. But the annual surge of visitors at resorts and destinations can create environmental headaches for people living in the locality.
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Scientists find a simple way to produce hydrogen from water at room temperature
sciencealert, 14.09.2022
Hydrogen fuel promises to be a clean and abundant source of energy in the future – as long as scientists can figure out ways to produce it practically and cheaply, and without fossil fuels. A new study provides us with another promising step in that direction, provided you can make use of existing supplies of post-consumer aluminum and gallium.
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Agriculture & Food

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European food companies break their plastics promises
deutschewelle-en, 14.09.2022
Two-thirds of pledges to go greener on plastic fail or are dropped, a DW investigation has found. Here’s how European food and drink companies break their own commitments, and how legislation might hold them accountable.
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Boosting brain function in later life through singing
horizon-magazine, 15.09.2022
Ask anyone in a choir why they enjoy it, and they will tell you about the euphoric effects singing has on their mental health. A team of neuroscientists and clinical psychologists based at the University of Helsinki (Finland) believe these benefits could extend to improving brain function and treating aphasia.
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Air pollution could increase risk of allergies in newborn babies, study from University of Colorado finds
independent-UK, 13.09.2022
“This study adds to the growing body of literature showing that air pollution exposure, even during infancy, may alter the gut microbiome, with important implications for growth and development,” said senior author Tanya Alderete, the university’s assistant professor of Integrative Physiology.
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More safety for medicines
idw-online, 07.09.2022
Medizinische Hochschule Hannover (MHH) professor receives “ERC Proof of Concept Grant” to revolutionise drug safety; novel immune cells to benefit millions of people.
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Science policy & Communication

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Media-saturation challenges trust in European democracy
horizon-magazine, 15.09.2022
Between doomscrolling and disinformation, our media-saturated world makes it difficult to know who to trust. To mark today’s International Day of Democracy we spoke to a journalism researcher about the role of media in a healthy democracy.
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Policymakers renew call to strengthen Research and Development budgets in central and eastern Europe
sciencebusiness, 08.09.2022
An economic crisis fuelled by war, energy shortages and inflation looks likely to put further strain on national Research and Development budgets.
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EU initiatives

EU aims to shield media from state interference
politico-eu, 14.09.2022
The European Media Freedom Act, which is scheduled to be released this week, could give Brussels new tools to strengthen safeguards against state control of public and commercial media through political nominations on oversight boards and covert funding through advertisement. The EU has had its own battles over media freedom with member states.
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Curious news

What keeps you up at night?
deutschewelle-en, 15.09.2022
Can’t sleep? You’re not alone. A recent report highlights how much sleep we’ll lose each year as temperatures continue to rise. Climate change is also drying up water supplies – from North America to East Africa to Europe.
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Ancient glaciers on Mars flowed so slowly, we can barely tell they flowed at all
sciencealert, 15.09.2022
On Earth, shifts in our climate have caused glaciers to advance and recede throughout our geological history (known as glacial and inter-glacial periods). The movement of these glaciers has carved features on the surface, including U-shaped valleys, hanging valleys, and fjords. These features are missing on Mars, leading scientists to conclude that any glaciers on its surface in the distant past were stationary.
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