ESMH Media Review – October 27, 2021

COP26, mental health and misinformation in news: check out the ESMH selection of 35 science & tech news published in the last weeks on the web.

In the spotlight

What is COP26 and why does it matter? A guide to Glasgow climate talks 2021
business-standard, 25.10.2021
COP climate talks were always going to be difficult: 200 countries in search of a plan to prevent catastrophic warming of the planet with time running out fast. The backdrop of terrifying weather events had brought a renewed sense of urgency to the matter.
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Rich should pay for greater carbon footprint – study
timesofmalta, 21.10.2021
As rich people have a greater carbon footprint than the poor they should pay more tax to compensate, says a study by the World Inequality Lab (WIL) published ahead of the upcoming COP26 climate conference in Glasgow.
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Digital transition

Digital transition press review picture

The world in 2030: the challenge of reality versus unreality
europesworld, 21.10.2021
Imagine being an 82-year-old grandmother confined to a wheelchair and being able to experience climbing to the summit of Mont Blanc. Or picture sitting in a meeting with people you’ve never met before but remembering all of their names and backgrounds because you can read a summary of their CV, visible just above their heads through the glasses you are wearing.
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AI regulation and the future of work – What are the opportunities and concerns?
euractiv-en, 21.10.2021
Artificial intelligence (AI) is at the heart of the digital transformation and can significantly bolster the European economy. Automation of processes will reshape workplaces across industries, increasing efficiency and productivity and creating new opportunities for innovation and professional development.
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Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability press review picture

Putting a price on nature may help save it
politico-eu, 21.10.2021
Subsidies potentially harmful to biodiversity, account for an estimated $500 billion annually, the OECD says. As with almost everything in life, saving the natural world turns out to be largely about money.
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UNESCO ‘eDNA’ initiative to ‘unlock’ knowledge for biodiversity protection
un-org, 21.10.2021
To understand the richness of biodiversity across World Heritage marine sites, the UN scientific organisation launched on Monday a project to protect and preserve biodiversity, based on the study of environmental DNA – cellular material released from living things into their surroundings.
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Saying farewell to a throwaway fashion industry
horizon-magazine, 21.10.2021
Fast fashion is a lucrative business model offering trendy, mass-produced replica catwalk trends and haute couture designs at bargain prices. While enticing consumers to spend, it has paved the way for a throwaway culture in the clothing industry characterised by overconsumption and single-use purchases.
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Mobility & Energy

Mobility & Energy press review picture

Battery-powered future: How can the EU ensure electric vehicles drive the green transport revolution?
euractiv-en, 21.10.2021
Batteries are key to the EU’s transition to a climate neutral economy, given the role they play in the green transport revolution and the storage of renewable energy. A carbon neutral economy, as outlined in the European Green Deal, would require scaling up global battery production by a factor of 19, according to the World Economic Forum.
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Warning of ‘tsunami’ of mental health issues among children due to pandemic
thejournal, 20.10.2021
The pandemic will lead to a “tsunami” of mental health issues among children and young people, campaigners have warned.
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Global heating ‘may lead to epidemic of kidney disease’
guardian, 21.10.2021
Chronic kidney disease linked to heat stress could become a major health epidemic for millions of workers around the world as global temperatures increase over the coming decades, doctors have warned.
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Science policy & Communication

Science policy & Communication press review picture

Brussels, Paris split with press publishers over exemptions in online content rules
politico-eu, 21.10.2021
The European Commission and France have thrown their weight against press publishers in an ongoing debate over whether media content should be exempt from the EU’s upcoming online content rules. The moves come as factions in the European Parliament are battling over the fine print in the EU’s Digital Services Act (DSA).
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What exactly is ‘the metaverse’?
deutschewelle-en, 20.10.2021
Facebook has announced major investments in “the metaverse”, a virtual reality that could one day coexist alongside the physical world. DW breaks down what it is – and how you might already be in it.
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EU initiatives

Study: Cities in a globalised world: Exploring trends and the effect on urban resilience
europarl, 07.10.2021
Cities are inevitably affected by shocks and disruptions, the coronavirus pandemic being a case in point. The extent of the impact however depends on cities’ preparedness and capacity to adapt. Forward thinking is needed to explore emerging or plausible developments so that they can be anticipated and their disruptive nature contained.
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At a Glance: What if new drug delivery methods revolutionised medicine?
europarl, 13.10.2021
Nanoparticles lie at the heart of a new method for delivering medicines inside the body – and they were crucial to the success of the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines. This new drug delivery method and others could transform the way we treat disease, potentially boosting the treatment of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and HIV, among others. Insulin and Covid-19 vaccines might even become available as pills. Can the European Union stay on top of this trend? And what challenges lie ahead?
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EU Missions: It’s time to be bold
euractiv-en, 05.10.2021
By Mariya Gabriel – We are all becoming increasingly aware of the urgency to act and find solutions to extreme weather events that are becoming all the more frequent. This summer, the floods, and forest fires that devastated several regions of Europe served as a painful reminder that climate change is real and will affect us all.
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