ESMH Media Review – September 15, 2021

Climate change, blockchain and trust in news: check out the ESMH selection of 27 science & tech news published in the last weeks on the web.

In the spotlight

Climate change major threat to respiratory health
europapress, 13.09.2021
Produced by the Economist Intelligence Unit and commissioned by the Chiesi Group, a new report ‘Climate change and its impact on lung health: a focus on Europe’ says climate change is damaging respiratory health in ways not commonly known.
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Digital transition

Digital transition press review picture

Europe is seeing a data center boom. But can the environment sustain it?
deutschewelle-en, 10.09.2021
People around the world have logged tens of billions of hours on Zoom, Netflix and all kinds of other online applications at home over the past 18 months. But a mass decampment to the online world requires a lot of space in the physical world. That means data centers.
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Environmental sustainability

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How will blockchain technology help fight climate change?
eureporter, 13.09.2021
Any new technology comes with advantages and disadvantages as well as teething troubles. Slow connections plagued the early internet – that was even if you could get online: you needed to be a geeky whiz sometimes to boot up the user-unfriendly systems just to send an email. So we should expect that cryptocurrencies will have hiccups as the sector matures.
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Mobility & Energy

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Energy price crunch could undermine EU climate goals
oxfordanalytica, 13.09.2021
Soaring energy prices across Europe could undermine the EU’s “Fit for 55” climate package, which members of the European Parliament (MEPs) will start debating tomorrow.
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Agriculture & Food

Agriculture & Food press review picture

Make a real difference: reduce food loss and waste!
fao-en, 10.09.2021
The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations urges all stakeholders to develop open-minded solutions to a problem affecting more than 30 percent of the food we produce.
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EU funded project CIRCULAR FoodPack to develop system for circularity of packaging for direct food contact applications
idw-online, 01.09.2021
The CIRCULAR FoodPack project aims to facilitate the circular use of plastic packaging addressing the most sensitive product category: Food. The food packaging sector constitutes of 87% of all European flexible plastic multilayer-composites.
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Call to improve global health R&D cooperation
sciencebusiness, 09.09.2021
The COVID-19 crisis has shown the world needs to revamp the linear model of R&D, come up with new clinical trials designs and shorten the road from discovery to manufacturing, said Victor Dzau, president of the US national academy of medicine.
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Science policy & Communication

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EU initiatives

At a Glance – What if deepfakes made us doubt everything we see and hear?
europarl, 07.09.2021
A wide range of malicious uses have been identified, including fraud, extortion and political disinformation. The impacts of such misuse can be financial, psychological and reputational.
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