ESMH Media Review – June 30, 2021

Coronavirus, sustainability & CAP: check out the ESMH selection of 33 science & tech news published in the last weeks on the web.

In the spotlight

Pfizer and Moderna vaccines may offer years-long protection against Covid-19, scientists say
forbes, 28.06.2021
Both the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines are likely to offer long-lasting protection against Covid-19, according to a study published on Monday, indicating that people who are already inoculated with either of the mRNA vaccines may not need a booster dose for years.
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Hopes are high for the mRNA technology that is leading us out of the pandemic
spiegel-en, 23.06.2021
The vaccine success stories at BioNTech and Moderna may only be the beginning. Doctors and researchers want to use the revolutionary mRNA technology to fight the world’s worst scourges: from cancer to dementia.
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CureVac COVID vaccine let-down spotlights mRNA design challenges
scientificamerican, 22.06.2021
Scientists are searching for explanations to disappointing final-stage trial results of the CureVac vaccine. These insights could help guide the future development of mRNA vaccines.
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Digital transition

Digital transition press review picture

Unbroken: New soft electronics don’t break, even when punctured
eurekalert, 25.06.2021
Want a smartphone that stretches, takes damage, and still doesn’t miss a call? A team of Virginia Tech researchers from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Macromolecules Innovation Institute has created a new type of soft electronics, paving the way for devices that are self-healing, reconfigurable, and recyclable.
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More than 22,500 people apply to be next ESA astronaut
standard, 23.06.2021
During the European Space Agency’s last call for astronauts in 2008, the number of applicants who provided a medical certificate and finalised their online application form was 8,413.
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Environmental sustainability

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Eastern Europe has some of EU’s most polluted cities – What are the challenges facing the region and what solutions exist?
eureporter, 29.06.2021
According to Eurostat, the highest concentration of dangerous fine particles is in urban areas of Bulgaria (19.6 μg / m3), Poland (19.3 μg / m3), Romania (16.4 μg /m3) and Croatia (16 μg / m3).
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3 key considerations for global collaborations on sustainability
forbes, 29.06.2021
All the talk of international collaboration on sustainability is a good start. Now, it’s time for more actual collaboration. There is no shortage of agreements and pacts revolving around the climate.
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Germany supports climate projects in developing countries with €601 million
authorityngr, 23.06.2021
The German Federal Environment Ministry has supported a total of 385 ongoing and new projects in developing countries and emerging economies with €601.2 million under the International Climate Initiative (IKI). In 2019, investments totalled €467 million and some €410 million in 2018.
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Mobility & Energy

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How Europe can stay at the heart of the hydrogen economy
sciencebusiness, 29.06.2021
Having established hydrogen valleys across the continent, Europe is at the forefront of the development of integrated hydrogen technologies and supply chains. Globally, other countries have followed suit, with new projects coming on stream on a regular basis.
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Agriculture & Food

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Environmental claims of new EU farm subsidy policy are questioned
guardian, 25.06.2021
A new five-year common agricultural policy (CAP) was provisionally agreed by the European parliament, European Commission and the 27 member states on Friday after two and a half years of negotiations. But ‘eco schemes’ to be supported are undefined and three-quarters of €387bn CAP budget will go to intensive farming, say critics.
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Nature article: Dieting and its effect on the gut microbiome
eurekalert, 23.06.2021
Researchers from Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin and the University of California in San Francisco were able to show for the first time that a very low calorie diet significantly alters the composition of the microbiota present in the human gut.
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Covid-19 helps drive electronic skin patches market to $10bn in 2021 finds new IDTechEx report
prnewswire, 28.06.2021
Diabetes management is the largest and most successful sector. Cardiovascular monitoring is the other sector generating revenue in the billions of dollars each year.
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Blood test that finds 50 types of cancer is accurate enough to be rolled out
guardian, 25.06.2021
A simple blood test that can detect more than 50 types of cancer before any clinical signs or symptoms of the disease emerge in a person is accurate enough to be rolled out as a screening test, according to scientists.
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Covid-19 boosters will be needed yearly for most at risk, WHO says
businessday, 24.06.2021
The World Health Organization (WHO) forecasts that people most vulnerable to Covid-19, such as the elderly, will need to get an annual vaccine booster to be protected against variants, an internal document seen by Reuters shows.
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Science policy & Communication

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EU initiatives

Call for targeted EU research into heart disease
sciencebusiness, 29.06.2021
The MEP Heart Group of MEPs, EU officials and health stakeholders, is urging the European Commission to issue targeted calls for cardiovascular disease research. “There is an innovation gap […] in research and this needs to be addressed,” said Birgit Beger, CEO of the European Heart Network, at the launch of the call to action.
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Curious news

Nature is ‘sexier word’ than biodiversity and should be replaced in environment bill, parliament told
independent-UK, 22.06.2021
Argument over semantics of long-awaited legislation divides peers.
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