ESMH Media Review – April 21, 2021

Artificial Intelligence, electric cars & digital health: check out the ESMH selection of 37 science and tech news published in the last weeks on the web.

In the spotlight

EU considers sweeping new AI rules, with fines if companies don’t comply
sciencebusiness, 15.04.2021
Leaked legislative proposal shows bloc leaning towards bans on surveillance and social scoring applications, and a broad interpretation of what makes for a high-risk AI system.
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Life inside the self-optimizing AI automated company
forbes, 15.04.2021
As we apply an increasing amount of automation technology to business operations, it almost starts to draw the question: will human employees still be needed, eventually? The answer could be the adoption of self-optimizing AI and decision management into the way a business operates.
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Podcast: what’s AI doing in your wallet?
technologyreview, 14.04.2021
Our entire financial system is built on trust. We can exchange otherwise worthless paper bills for fresh groceries, or swipe a piece of plastic for new clothes. But this trust—typically in a central government-backed bank—is changing. As our financial lives are rapidly digitized, the resulting data turns into fodder for AI.
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Stats ESMH Media Review – April 21, 2021

Digital transition

Digital transition press review picture

Crypto flagship Coinbase jumps 11% after stormy Nasdaq debut
reuters-it, 15.04.2021
Coinbase Global Inc shares jumped 11% in early trading on Thursday, a day after the cryptocurrency exchange went public in a high-profile debut on the Nasdaq that briefly valued it at more than $100 billion.
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Aviation sector calls for unified cybersecurity practices to mitigate growing risks
weforum, 14.04.2021
The aviation industry needs to unify its approach to prevent cybersecurity shocks, according to a new study released today by the World Economic Forum.
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Environmental sustainability

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Planet ocean: why is the Blue Economy so important?
forbes, 15.04.2021
The Earth could have been called Planet Ocean. In fact, oceans are our planet’s largest life support system. About 70% of the planet’s surface is covered by water, and 97% of this water is found in the oceans. In addition, ocean currents govern the world’s weather and its dependent biomes.
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Space junk removal is not going smoothly
scientificamerican, 14.04.2021
Despite promising technology demonstrations, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for the growing problem of taking out the orbital trash.
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Mobility & Energy

Mobility & Energy press review picture

Will future electric vehicles be powered by deep-sea metals?
wired, 14.04.2021
Greenpeace International activists aboard the Rainbow Warrior display banners reading “Stop Deep Sea Mining” in front of the Maersk Launcher, a ship chartered by DeepGreen, one of the companies spearheading the drive to mine the barely understood deep sea ecosystem.
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From electric cars to rural internet, this is Spain’s recovery plan
reuters-it, 13.04.2021
Spain outlined its Recovery and Resilience plan on Tuesday aiming to revive and modernise its economy after a record 10.8% contraction in 2020, using 72 billion euros ($85.87 billion) in European grants it is due to receive by 2023.
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Agriculture & Food

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Road to ruin: informal byways sow seeds of destruction in Colombia’s Amazon
reuters-it, 14.04.2021
Across San Vicente del Caguan, one of the country’s most deforested regions, illegal and informal roads fan out in an ever-expanding network, bringing visitors, commercial interests and farmers and ranchers who clear and burn the land. The result is the steady decay of Colombia’s Amazon.
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WHO, agencies urge countries to suspend sale of live wild mammals at markets
reuters-it, 13.04.2021
International agencies including the World Health Organization urged countries on Tuesday to suspend the sale of live wild mammals in food markets, warning they may be the source of more than 70% of emerging infectious diseases in humans.
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Science policy & Communication

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Future EU platform seeks ‘stay clean’ of hate speech
euobserver, 14.04.2021
The digital platform aiming to allow European citizens to share and debate ideas will start next Monday (19 April). Participants will need to subscribe to a “Conference Charter”, which is designed to keep hate speech and disinformation at bay.
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Without his Twitter account, Trump’s conspiracy theories find little traction
nbcnews, 14.04.2021
They didn’t lead the evening news broadcasts. They didn’t generate big headlines in the New York Times or Washington Post. And while some news outlets did cover his statement , it was more background noise to the breaking news — rather than the main event.
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EU initiatives

EPRS Briefing – The rise of digital health technologies during the pandemic
europarl, 15.04.2021
Coronavirus has accelerated the rise of digital health, a broad concept that includes solutions for telemedicine and teleconsultation, remote monitoring, connected devices, digital health platforms and health apps.
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Curious news

Hear the haunting music MIT scientists made from sounds of spider webs
cnet, 15.04.2021
Coming soon to a music venue near you. Spiders don’t see well, so they sense the world through the vibrations that ripple through their intricate webs as they stretch silk strands or a breeze blows. Turns out those vibrations make for some otherworldly music.
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Sitting in a tin can: why sci-fi films are finally telling astronaut life like it is
guardian, 14.04.2021
A nybody who fancies watching a new science fiction film this month can count their lucky stars. A Netflix drama, Stowaway , features Anna Kendrick, Toni Collette and Daniel Dae Kim as a trio of astronauts who are on their way to Mars when they discover that an unfortunate launch-plan engineer, Shamier Anderson, is still onboard.
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UAE women scientists lead Arab world’s first space mission to Mars
deutschewelle-en, 14.04.2021
The first mission to Mars launched by the United Arab Emirates is set to enter the planet’s orbit on Tuesday following a seven-month, 494 million-kilometer (307 million miles) journey. This would make the UAE the fifth space agency to reach the red planet and mark the first interplanetary mission led by an Arab country.
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