EU project : NEWSERA

NEWSERA: Citizen science (CS) initiatives are changing the paradigm of science communication (SC). Not only the embedded bottom-up methodology takes into account people’s needs, aligning science to society, but empowers citizens to become science communicators. Moreover, launching a citizen science project requires the creation of a complex ecosystem, in which the participation of quadruple helix stakeholders (interdisciplinary scientists; public sector; industry; CSOs and society at large) is usually a must. This poses a challenge in terms of science communication due to: 1) the wide variety of specific science communication tools and strategies to be used for each target group, and 2) the required continuous feedback to each stakeholder group to maintain the engagement throughout the project.
NEWSERA will analyse and evaluate the complex and multidirectional science communication strategies, including digital and non-digital ones, addressed to quadruple helix stakeholders in citizen science projects across Europe as the new paradigm for science communication. An assessment of the initial state-of-the-art of science communication in citizen science projects will be carried out. 4 pilot case studies will be selected from ongoing EU projects mapped under the EU-Citizen.Science platform, taking into account not only the quantity, quality, reliability and effectiveness of the communication, but also psycho-social factors such as the perception and trust on science communication and, in consequence, on science. One further case study will be addressed to science journalists. Innovative strategies will be co-designed for each stakeholder group in our Citizen Science Communication Labs to test the new concepts of Citizen Science Communication and Citizen Science Journalism, to reinforce the interface between science-society-policy and increase trust in science, while advancing the state-of-the-art in science communication.

Coordination: Science for Change

Funding Scheme: Horizon 2020


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