EU project : PEriTiA

PEriTiA: Trust is the glue that binds our social interactions. Philosophers, social and natural scientists, policy experts, ethicists, psychologists, media specialists and civil society organisations will come together to investigate the nature and conditions of public trust. The EU-funded PEriTiA project will review the role of science in policy decision-making and the conditions under which people should trust and rely on expert opinion that shapes public opinion. The key hypothesis explored conceptually and tested empirically is that affective and normative factors play a central role in decisions to trust, even in cases where judgements of trustworthiness may seem to be grounded in epistemic considerations, such as professional reputation, reliability and objectivity. The project will use climate change and climate science as a test case.

Coordination: University college Dublin, national University of Ireland, Dublin

Funding Scheme: Horizon 2020 grant agreement No 870883


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