ESMH Press Review – June 10, 2020

Oceans & environment, food processing to fight Covid-19 & cybersecurity: check out the ESMH selection of 19 science & tech news published in the last 2 weeks on the web. Pick your favourite from the most popular topics in the mainstream media !

In the spotlight

‘Care for nature’ to keep people safe and well, leaders urge
eco-business, 08.06.2020
The Covid-19 crisis has exposed how the health of people and nature is intertwined, and protecting the planet, its climate and ecosystems will be crucial to preventing further pandemics, the UN chief and political leaders said on Friday.
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World Environment Day 2020: healthy ecosystems are fundamental for preventing global diseases and ensuring food security
fao-en, 05.06.2020
FAO highlights the vast potential of ecosystems and biodiversity in helping countries to build back better after COVID-19. A better understanding of the role of ecosystems and biodiversity in addressing diseases and other threats to people’s lives, health, and livelihoods will enable us to overcome the COVID-19 challenges and prevent the re-emergence of such devastating outbreaks in the future.
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Israeli’s crowdfunding effort seeks to save forests by buying a piece of them
timesofisrael, 05.06.2020
That was the feeling of Uri Shanas, who earned a PhD in zoology from Tel Aviv University, completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Columbia University and then joined the Department of Biology and Environment at the University of Haifa–Oranim.
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World Oceans Day: tell us about issues affecting your local ocean
guardian, 03.06.2020
World Oceans Day: what are you doing to protect your ocean? This year there is a focus on calling for world leaders to commit to protecting 30% of oceans by 2030, to combat the climate crisis and protect marine biodiversity.
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Agriculture & Environment

Agriculture & Environment Media Review

With an internet of animals, scientists aim to track and save wildlife
nytimes, 09.06.2020
The International Space Station, orbiting some 240 miles above the planet, is about to join the effort to monitor the world’s wildlife — and to revolutionize the science of animal tracking. A large antenna and other equipment aboard the orbiting outpost, installed by spacewalking Russian astronauts in 2018, are being tested and will become fully operational this summer.
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To save the climate, look to the oceans
scientificamerican, 08.06.2020
Learning to swim, in a pool in the Florida Keys, was pure joy. I was five and reveled in blowing bubbles and doing cannonballs. A few years later, when I learned to swim in the ocean, the vibe was different, not purely playful. The mantra was: never turn your back on the ocean.
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Earth’s forests aren’t just shrinking, they’re getting younger – And that’s a problem
sciencealert, 08.06.2020
Even when these sprawls of land are replanted, something essential is lost. The more old growth we remove, the more unrecognisable these forests become. Over the last century, a new global analysis reveals the average tree size has grown dramatically smaller with deforestation.
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Transport & Energy

Transport & Energy Media Review

Blue-sky thinking: how cities can keep air clean after coronavirus
guardian, 07.06.2020
For those not directly affected, the ability to breathe more easily and see further has perhaps been the greatest consolation amid the trauma of the coronavirus pandemic. As city after city begins to emerge from lockdown, urban planners and environmental campaigners are grappling with how to keep the clean air and blue skies that have transformed our view of the world.
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Pandemic lockdowns lead to less traffic and better air
nytimes, 04.06.2020
As we now know, the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown has been a silver lining for another global crisis: climate change. Sharp decreases in traffic and better air quality have been reported around the world, and hundreds of jurisdictions from Berlin to Bogotá are reallocating space to make it easier for walkers and cyclists with permanent and emergency solutions, like “pop-up” bike routes.
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Information society

Information society Media Review

Amid pandemic and upheaval, new cyber risks to the presidential election
nytimes, 08.06.2020
Homeland Security officials have been focusing “intensely on hardening registration systems,” said Christopher C. Krebs, who leads the US department’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. With the general election less than 150 days away, there are rising concerns that the push for remote voting prompted by the pandemic could open new opportunities to hack the vote — for President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, but also others hoping to disrupt, influence or profit from the election.
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The impact of artificial intelligence on professional services
forbes, 08.06.2020
When you hear the word “automation…”, does your mind skip straight to “…destroys jobs”? If so, there should be a few stops in between. Automation is about removing friction, driving down costs, speeding processes up, and generally improving efficiency. Making goods and services better and cheaper is a good thing: it makes us all richer.
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Food & Health

Food & Health Media Review

Small boats and female workers hardest hit by Covid-19 fisheries impact
guardian, 08.06.2020
Small fishing boats, fish markets and female workers are among the categories worst affected by the economic impact of the coronavirus crisis on the world’s fisheries, research has found. Supply chains around the world have been disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, and artisanal fishing – small boats – has borne the brunt, according to the annual report on fisheries by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).
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Lockdowns boost global obesity: study
tribune, 06.06.2020
Lockdowns implemented across the world have negatively impacted diet, sleep and physical activity among children with obesity, warn researchers. “The pandemic has collateral effects extending beyond direct viral infection,” said study co-author Myles Faith from the University at Buffalo in the US.
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French winemakers to turn unsold wine into hand gel
guardian, 05.06.2020
French winemakers are to turn unsold wine into hand gel and ethanol to make room for this year’s production, the country’s farming agency has said. The government agency FranceAgriMer said around 3m hectolitres needed distilling as a result of lower sales during the coronavirus crisis.
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Science policy & Communication

Science policy & Communication Media Review

Coronavirus latest: Global deaths surpass 400,00
deutschewelle-ro, 07.06.2020
The confirmed death toll from COVID-19 has reached a bleak new milestone and the United States leads the world with nearly 110,000 fatalities. India has seen a new record daily spike in cases. Follow DW for the latest.
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Which form of crime is digital ad fraud?
forbes, 03.06.2020
I recently presented to the Society of Professional Investigators, a group of active and retired law enforcement folks who investigate financial crimes, computer crimes, wire fraud, and other forms of criminal activity. When we discussed digital ad fraud, however, it was less clear what form of crime we were dealing with.
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EU initiatives

We need a paradigm shift in water management
Cor-EN, 03.06.2020
In this interview, Piotr Całbecki (PL/EPP), President of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Region, answers five questions related to water management in the context of the COVID-19 and unabated global warming. The rapporteur of the CoR opinion on ‘The Water Framework Directive and the Floods Directive’ calls for a paradigm shift that places circularity and sustainability at the centre of our way of using natural resources, and water in particular.
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Study – Blockchain for supply chains and international trade – 29-05-2020
europarl, 29.05.2020
This study provides an analysis of blockchain technology in the context of international trade. It analyses the potential impacts of blockchain development and applications in eight use cases for supply chains and international trade. It also provides an analysis of the current legislative framework and existing initiatives. Based on this analysis, and following a broad consultation of relevant organisations, the study identifies several challenges in international trade documentation and processes, and presents a range of policy options for the European Parliament.
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Curious news

Indoor gardening? Just add flowers
guardian, 07.06.2020
It’s fascinating that in recent years the cultures of indoor and outdoor gardening have evolved along different lines, not just in terms of aesthetics, but in horticultural practice, too. As a new generation gets into gardening, inspired by recreating the indoor paradises on Instagram, many traditions of outdoor gardening are being bypassed – leading to a sort of parallel horticulture.
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