ARTICONF addresses issues of trust, time-criticality and democratisation for a new generation of federated infrastructure, to fulfil the privacy, robustness, and autonomy related promises that proprietary social media platforms have failed to deliver so far.

Transparent, decentralised infrastructure : Simplify creation, integration and federation of agile decentralised social media platforms by creating a novel permissioned blockchain with anonymised identities.
Improved and trusted participation : Ensure verifiable and traceable content ownership, while preserving creator anonymity and maintain content traceability and ownership activity across the network.
Democratic and tokenized decision-making : Research graph anonymisation techniques to power cooperative applications and improve participatory exchanges in anonymised ecosystems.
Elastic resource provisioning : Improving efficiency and controlling distributed P2P and Cloud virtual infrastructures, optimising QoS performance metrics and ensuring fast recovery.
Cognitive analytics for collaborative economy : Socially-aware and spatial-temporal data aggregation, knowledge extraction, guided analytics, cognitive learning and risk quantification for a collaborative economy.

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Coordination : Universitaet Klagenfurt (UNI-KLU), Austria

Funding Scheme : EU Horizon 2020 project

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