EU Project : EFFORT

logo.pngEFFORT: The EU-funded research project EFFORT (“ Ecology from Farm to Fork of microbial drug Resistance and Transmission “) was launched in December 2013 and will held its Final Conference 26-28 November 2018 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Effort aimed to find data on the main routes of transmission and spreads of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) entering the food chain leading to exposure of humans to AMR. The collaborating scientists hoped thus to further understand the causes and effects of antimicrobial resistance in the food chain by obtaining first-hand data from farms. Through fact-finding studies on farms  – i.a. sampling faecial droppings of animals like poultry, swines, veal and wildbirds as well as samples from sewage and waste water – molecular technologies were used to trace back resistant microbes from farms reaching-out to the kitchen table. Farmers were also interviewed with questions focussing on farm management, animal antimicrobial usage, biosecurity, animal health and welfare. In this way, scientists hope to find ways of reducing the use of antimicrobials in veterinary practice.

The EFFORT consortium is made up of 20 partners from 10 European countries. It brings together complementary strengths in antimicrobial resistance, food safety, exposure assessment, microbiology and epidemiology.

Coordination: Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Funding scheme: CP-TP – Collaborative Project targeted to a special group, FP7-KBBE grant agreement no. 613754


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