Scientist: Branislava Lalic

Branislava Lalic is Professor of meteorology and biophysics at University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Agriculture (PFNS). Her expertise and interest are in modeling physical processes describing atmosphere-biosphere interaction and micrometeorology. She is Co-Change leader of the RRIzing lab together with Mila Grahovac.

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A scientist’s opinion: Interview with Branislava Lalic about responsible research and innovation in the EU

Interview with Branislava Lalic, associate professor in the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Novi Sad. What does RRI mean to you, and how is it a part of your research environment? Branislava Lalic: From my point of view, RRI is a way of living. In an ideal world, we would not need RRI ...

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Responsible research and innovation in the EU

How to build ethics and foresight into every stage of the research process, from design to implementation.