ESMH Media Review – December 1, 2021

Robotics, COP26 and Covid-19: check out the ESMH selection of 28 science & tech news published in the last weeks on the web.

In the spotlight

Can a machine learn morality?
japantimes, 25.11.2021
A.I. researchers say they have built a system that makes ethical judgments, but its judgments can be as confusing as those of humans.
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Robotics and artificial intelligence to improve health rehabilitation
alphagalileo, 23.11.2021
Researchers in Spain have developed a rehabilitation platform made up of four elements: a robot that interacts with the patient, an artificial intelligence system that uses a 3D sensor to control the robot, an app that can be used by health care staff to set up and track sessions, and a cloud-based storage system which contains information and analytics from all of the rehabilitation processes. “The 3D sensor allows us to know the patient’s position at all times.”
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The future of digital assistants is queer
wired, 21.11.2021
AI assistants continue to reinforce sexist stereotypes, but queering these devices could help reimagine their relationship to gender altogether.
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Digital transition

Digital transition press review picture

Human faces reflect a wider world of emotion than we may realize
sciencealert, 16.11.2021
New research digs into just how flexible and versatile our facial features can be when it comes to expressing how we’re feeling.
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Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability press review picture

The Glasgow summit left a huge hole in the world’s plans to curb climate change
economist, 18.11.2021
As COP26 finally came to a close on November 13th, more than 24 hours behind schedule, the mood inside the drab temporary buildings erected to house it on the banks of the River Clyde was a mix of celebration and frustration.
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Mobility & Energy

Mobility & Energy press review picture

Sufficient feedstock available to support low-carbon liquid fuels in the EU
politico-eu, 17.11.2021
A study from Imperial College London Consultants shows there is sufficient sustainable biomass feedstock available to support an ambitious low-carbon liquid fuels strategy for EU transport.
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Agriculture & Food

Agriculture & Food press review picture

Over three-quarters of the world’s vital carbon stores are unprotected
newscientist, 18.11.2021
Ecosystems such as forests and peatlands are vital stores for carbon, but less than a quarter of these areas worldwide have protected status.
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Feeding the world in times of climate change: “We can learn a lot from indigenous peoples”
spiegel, 17.11.2021
The way we eat is destroying the world, says agricultural economist Yon Fernández de Larrinoa. His research focuses on the food systems of indigenous peoples, and believes they can teach us valuable lessons.
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Health press review picture

Social media use linked to depression in adults
nbcnews, 23.11.2021
While social media has been widely linked to anxiety and depression in teenagers, new evidence suggests that platforms such as TikTok and Instagram can leave middle-aged adults feeling sad, too. The research, published Tuesday in the medical journal JAMA Network Open, is based on a series of surveys of 5,395 adults whose average age was 56.
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Science policy & Communication

Science policy & Communication press review picture

Social media platforms accused of contributing to crisis at Poland-Belarus border
euractiv-en, 24.11.2021
Facebook has found itself in the spotlight for allegedly providing a “key coordination hub” for human smugglers enticing people to the Poland-Belarus border, creating an increasingly dangerous situation for those trapped in the area, according to research and media reports.
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Facebook and Instagram gathering browsing data from under-18s, study says
guardian, 16.11.2021
Facebook and Instagram are gathering data from under-18s by using software that tracks users’ web browsing activity, according to research.
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EU initiatives

Media exception ruled out in DSA negotiations, but could return
euractiv-en, 24.11.2021
An attempt to exempt the media from new content moderation rules has been ruled out following opposition from all major political groups, but the battle is not over.
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MEPs push to include academic freedom in EU treaties
sciencebusiness, 11.11.2021
MEPs and university representatives are facing a steep road ahead, as they demand academic freedom is made a key principle in EU treaties, meaning member states that are found to be limiting university autonomy and freedom to do research can be held accountable.
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Curious news

Qatar touts dismountable stadium for ​’sustainable​’ 2022 World Cup
deutschewelle-en, 25.11.2021
A year from its ​”sustainable​” World Cup, Qatar has unveiled a stadium meant to be dismantled afterward and reassembled elsewhere. It’s good PR, a top environmentalist told DW, but far from what the country needs.
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Wrap your mind around science books this Christmas
irishtimes, 25.11.2021
If you are seeking gifts for curious minds this festive season – or perhaps the mind you seek for is your own – then wrap yourself around science books that use storytelling to powerful effect.
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