EU Project : MAMMO1

MAMMO1 : Breast cancer is one of the main causes of death among women worldwide. Early diagnosis by mammography scanning is the best way to prevent mortality, but it requires the intervention of a highly trained workforce (radiologists). While the demand for radiologists is on the rise, the supply is quickly diminishing worldwide. This leads ...

Meet the new Members of the STOA Panel

The new leading team of the Panel for the Future of Science and Technology (STOA) for the next 2,5 years was elected on 24th of October 2019 by the Members of the Panel.

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SOMA consortium scales up anti-disinformation efforts across EU Member States

Horizon-2020-supported Social Observatory for Disinformation and Social Media Analysis links academic, technological and media expertise to combat disinformation (SOMA).

Kristof Varga © European Union 2019 - Source : EP

George Markopoulos : “We trawl through social media because that is where the most heated debates are happening right now.”

George Markopoulos is Associate Professor at the Department of Linguistics of the School of Philosophy National and Kapodistrian, at the University of Athens. He participated in the ESMH event Virality and influencers in digital communication on 3 April in the European Parliament.

A scientist's opinion Kalina Bontcheva, an ESMH interview

A scientist’s opinion : Interview with Kalina Bontcheva about Technology & Disinformation

Interview with Kalina Bontcheva, University of Sheffield about Technology & Disinformation. There is a strong need for data protection laws that can adequately address the challenges of user data being misused and harvested without consent by third-party applications, political parties/politicians, researchers, and others. Can you explain the implications of deep fakes and synthetic media disinformation ...

A scientist opinion, Trisha Meyer & Chris Marsden, an ESMH interview

A scientist’s opinion : Interview with Dr Trisha Meyer & Prof Chris Marsden about Technology & Disinformation

Interview with Dr Trisha Meyer, Vrije Universiteit in Brussels & Prof Chris Marsden, University of Sussex, about Technology & Disinformation. "In struggling to find a sustainable business model for the online environment, many traditional media providers have become almost exclusively reliant on advertising." You mention human involvement in the application of AI systems is important ...

Towards a democratically upgraded artificial intelligence

Towards a democratically upgraded Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence challenges democracies but democratic institutions, especially in the EU, are not mere bystanders and are in the process of supporting AI and providing a legal framing, through education and regulation.

Autonomous cars : will roads be safer if algorithms replace human drivers?

Autonomous cars : will roads be safer if algorithms replace human drivers?

Research on autonomous cars has received a boost from the European Parliament, but the technology still raises many questions. Can it be safe and ethical? Will it totally eliminate the need for human drivers? And, of course: when will this happen?