Eysmd2019 Outcomes

The articles in this section are a selection of the media outcomes that young journalists produced during the European Youth Science-Media Days (EYSMD) – the ESMH summer school for young journalists, which took place from 4 to 7 June 2019 in Strasbourg.
Only in a few hours the participants – divided in 9 working groups – were able to create impressive videos, interviews, articles, multimedia products and radio pieces.

Unfortunately, we are not able to publish all of them even if they all deserve it. We publish them without any editorial intervention. Their content and production is the sole responsibility of the authors and does not represent the official position of the European Parliament.

AI in my pocket, ESMH Summer school : AI & Journalism

🎙 AI in my pocket

We tend to think about A.I. as if it is something distant, something that doesn't really touch us or our lives- at least not yet. But is it really so? Or perhaps, we encounter A.I. everyday- right inside our pockets. Listen to this interview with Julie Scheerpensel from ML6, a company which builds custom A.I. algorithms.

Artificial Intelligence - a gamechanger in the newsroom

📱 Artificial Intelligence – a gamechanger in the newsroom

Artificial Intelligence is currently the hype in many industries, including journalism. The technology is said to add value to all steps of the journalistic working process.

Are we JournalAIsed?

🎞 Are we JournalAIsed ?

Artificial Intelligence tools are already affecting news production all over the world. Some of them could be very helpful in the future: but for the moment journalist still need to get familiarized with AI.

Are journalists ready for a future with AI?

📰 Are journalists ready for a future with AI?

Artificial Intelligence concerns all kind of jobs especially journalism. In the future journalism should find a way to take advantage of it. Our article describes how to do that.