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Are children skilled enough for the digital world?

Digital technologies are part of modern, daily life. Not just for adults but also for children. Do they have the necessary skills to master them, though?

PERITIA: EU flags waving in front of European Parliament building. Brussels, Belgium

PERITIA: Research Insights for European Policymaking

Closing Conference The PERITIA project will conclude with a final event at the European Parliament Info Hub in Brussels on 4–5 May 2023, with a focus on ‘Research Insights for European Policymaking‘. Co-hosted by the European Parliament’s Panel for the Future of Science and Technology (STOA) and the European Science Media Hub, experts on trust ...

Towards a European climate label?

Towards a European climate label?

Climate labels on consumer products provide information so people can compare their impact on global warming. The idea is to help consumers to shop more sustainably. But for various reasons, existing climate labels have had a limited effect on consumer behaviour. Some believe that a pan-European label might prove more effective. At its recent event, ...

Open strategic autonomy - STOA event

Open strategic autonomy – STOA event

At its event on 7 March 2023 gathering MEPs and researchers, the Panel for the Future of Science and Technology (STOA) focused on the concept of ‘Open strategic autonomy’. This strategy tries to address the European Union’s dilemma of how to reduce its dependency on external actors while remaining open to trade and investments.

splinternets and their challenges for the EU

‘Splinternets’ and their challenges for the EU

The European Union is concerned about so called 'splinternets': loss of the united, global and decentralised internet, fragmented into separate non-interoperable and disconnected networks controlled by governments or corporations. Behind the term 'splinternet' (a combination of 'to splinter' and 'the internet') lies an emerging geopolitical reality where certain countries aim to control the internet within ...

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Interview with Prof. Francesco Imperi on new strategies to fight antimicrobial resistance

When bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites no longer respond to medicines: this is set to become one of the major health threats of the 21st century. Francesco Imperi, Associate Professor of Microbiology at Roma Tre University (Italy), is working on novel strategies to tackle this antimicrobial resistance (AMR), more specifically in multidrug resistant bacterial human ...

Four detergents with comparable traffic light climate labels

The challenges of a European climate label

Trying to shop sustainably? Climate labels aim to assist consumers to choose the products that cause the lowest amount of global warming. But are they really effective? And would a general, standardised European climate label help? We asked Prof. Bo Weidema, an expert at the Danish Centre for Environmental Assessment. On 20 March 2023, he ...

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Technological vulnerabilities that threaten the European Union’s ‘Open Strategic Autonomy’ and the EU’s response

According to expert Dr Alice Pannier, 'Strategic Autonomy' is also referred to as 'sovereignty', but it's 'open' in order to not undermine the openness of the EU economy: "If the EU has technological sovereignty, it will be able to act autonomously on the international stage rather than have to rely on foreign suppliers and potentially ...