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The new European Bauhaus: a better future together

The new European Bauhaus a better future together

The New European Bauhaus (NEB) project was initiated to carry the values of the European Green Deal. It is an interdisciplinary approach in which technology, design, art and science combine forces to build a more sustainable, enriching and inclusive future.

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In this context, the European Parliament’s Panel for the Future of Science and Technology (STOA) conducted the study ‘The Green Deal ambition: technology, creativity and arts for environmental sustainability’.

The study combines potential solutions arising from scientific research papers and reports with fresh ideas, contributions and perspectives from a select group of European players, each with key expertise in a specific field. The first section of the study focuses on the background and methodology behind the study, explaining its rationale and steps undertaken to collect insights and combine useful observations, suggestions and visions. The second section organises the literature review into five main chapters, highlighting the challenges, needs, ideas and potential solutions arising from the papers and reports.

A policy options briefing also summarises the policy options developed in the study. They are deduced from the literature review and from the interviews, and divided in three separate steps: scope and goals, processes, and action to be taken. Some considerations by the authors are also added to prompt further reflection on the subject.

On Monday 13 June 2022, a STOA workshop presented the main results of the STOA study ‘The Green Deal ambition: technology, creativity and arts for environmental sustainability’ and brought forward some of the policy options and suggestions provided by the study.

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