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ESMH participates in the conference on the future of science communication in Europe

The Future of Science Communication Conference Bringing Science Communicators and Researchers Together

How to communicate scientific evidence in the digital era? How to maintain an open dialogue with citizens and address disinformation and misinformation? Could science communication be more structured and institutionalised at European level? These were the main issues discussed at the second Future of Science Communication Conference (FSCC 2.0) on 26 April in Brussels.

Academics, policymakers, and practitioners from all over Europe gathered for the discussion. It was organised by Wissenschaft im Dialog. This is the organization organisation for science communication in Germany. ALLEA also co-organised it. This is the European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities.

The ESMH was represented by the its coordinator Svetla Tanova at the Panel Discussion. “How to institutionalize institutionalise science communication in Europe?”

The panel, which , discussed many questions around main challenges. this can be watched on YouTube. They talked about science communication in Europe, innovative projects. They also discussed the need to exchange best practices and possible models for cooperation and funding at European level. The panel included David Lodder (communications officer at the European Commission for Research & Innovation.) Ionica Smeets (chair of Leiden University’s research group Science Communication and Society.) and Markus Weisskopf, (managing director of Wissenschaft im Dialog.) It was moderated by Maria Lindholm (Sweden’s Research and Innovation Office in Brussels).

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