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EU project : ASSET

ASSET EU Project

ASSET´s goal is twofold: first, to create a sustainable and scalable ecosystem including all energy transition and education stakeholders: a) Companies from the energy sector, b) Universities and training actors, c) Authorities and policy makers and d) Society so as to enable a) continuous bottom up creation of research, innovation and educational (RIE) services and b) capacity pooling. By “service” we mean any research, innovation and educational relevant service that can be developed by the educational actors and delivered to the energy sector businesses and society at large. ASSET will also involve actors that can contribute to fuel interdisciplinary research combining SSH disciplines and capable of reaching out to the society to create the new generation of energy-sensitive citizens that are part of the energy transition mission. And second, to deliver the framework and means for continuous collaborative definition of the knowledge-competencies-skills required for the energy transition and for continuous resource pooling to efficiently educate/train large numbers of people in diverse and interdisciplinary topics and carry out research and innovation activities. The implementation of the ASSET approach will take place in 3 phases: 1) Ecosystem set-up with relevant actors to identify the knowledge, skill and competencies gaps in the addressed fields in order to design appropriate RIE services to close the gap. 2) RIE service development: Educational actors, based on the specifications of KSC gaps and on the results of the ASSET SSH research, will define the services (educational and research programme) that meet the specified needs. 3) Evaluation: ASSET delivers the developed RIE services to the targeted actors across EU universities, across companies from the energy sector and across EU societies. The aim is to collect feedback so as a) to refine ASSET offerings and b) define concrete ASSET sustainability plans.

Coordination : ATOS SPAIN SA

Funding scheme : CSA – Coordination and support action

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