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Highlights from the 8th parliamentary term : the challenges of Precision Agriculture in Europe

The challenges of Precision Agriculture in Europe
STOA : The challenges of Precision Agriculture in Europe

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The STOA foresight study on ‘Precision Agriculture and the future of farming in Europe’ provided input for the European Parliament’s activities of in the area of the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP). The study identified four main areas of opportunities and concerns regarding the future of Precision Agriculture in the EU, on which the Parliament could take action now:
• Food security and safety
• Sustainable farming
• Societal changes
• New skills for farmers.

In addition, the study highlighted that the diversity of agricultural practices across the EU – regarding, for instance, farm size, types of farming, output and employment – calls for policy measures to take into account that opportunities and concerns vary widely among Member States.

One can explore details of the study exploring the animated infographic
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The full study is available too
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Legal, social and ethical considerations regarding PA in Europe
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And more about the Reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)
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