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ESMH Press Review – April 3, 2019

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© PopTika / Shutterstock

In the spotlight

‘Come with a plan,’ UN chief tells world leaders over grim climate report
business-standard, 29.03.2019
The UN chief said he has convened the ‘Climate Action Summit’ on September 23 and he is telling leaders, “in September, please do not come with a speech; come with a plan’ Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres.
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Climate change: How green is your parcel?
bbc, 29.03.2019
It’s Friday lunchtime and you’ve found the perfect dress for that party on Saturday night but you’re stuck at your desk. No problem, because after a couple of clicks, it’s in your basket and on its way to your home. This is the joy of online shopping, and our love of it continues to grow. But what price does getting something this fast cost the environment?
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Clean mobility package
dg-comm-en, 28.03.2019
The Commission today took a decisive step forward in implementing the EU’s commitments under the Paris Agreement for a binding domestic CO2 reduction of at least 40% till 2030. At the same time as the international climate conference takes place in Bonn, the Commission is showing that the EU is leading by example.
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#ClimateChange – Parliament’s blueprint for long-term #CO2 cuts
eureporter, 19.03.2019
In a non-binding resolution, adopted with 369 votes to 116 and 40 abstentions, MEPs say that only two of the eight scenarios (“pathways”) proposed by the European Commission in its November would enable the EU to reach net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050, the commitment made by the EU under the Paris climate agreement.
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Computer scientists and ecologists together to investigate changes in ecosystems
idw-online, 19.03.2019
Together more successful: computer scientists and ecologists investigate changes in ecosystems Susanne Héjja Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit Climate and land use changes have irreversible impacts on the biodiversity of terrestrial ecosystems. The consequences of these threats for our ecosystems are only partially understood.
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Agriculture & Environment

Reducing water consumption in mining
eurekalert, 28.03.2019
Water is a vital resource on which many industries rely and which can be used more sparingly. An example is the beneficiation of mineral ores. Taking the raw material fluorite as their example, researchers at Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology (HIF) have now shown how water usage can be optimized.
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Mount Kilimanjaro: Ecosystems in Global Change
alphagalileo, 27.03.2019
2019 marks the 250 th anniversary of Alexander von Humboldt. He was one of the first naturalists to document the distribution and adaptation of species on tropical mountains in the 19 th century. Humboldt also observed that high mountains represent a microcosm of the earth’s climate zones. Today, his scientific findings are more relevant than ever.
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Transport & Energy

Experts reveal that clouds have moderated warming triggered by climate change
spacedaily, 30.03.2019
A new study has revealed how clouds are modifying the warming created by human-caused climate change in some parts of the world. Led by Swansea University’s Tree Ring Research Group, researchers from Sweden, Finland and Norway analysed information contained in the rings of ancient pine trees from….
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Scientists create artificial cells capable of making their own ENERGY
mailonsunday, 28.03.2019
Scientists have developed a way to transform sunlight into fuel that could lead to an ‘unlimited source of renewable energy’. Researchers from the University of Cambridge have done this by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen. They did this through using a technique called semi-artificial….
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EU to invest EUR 421m in smart, green transport projects
eubusiness, 28.03.2019
The EU Commission is proposing investment of EUR 421 million in projects promoting digitalisation and fostering intelligent, safe and sustainable finance transport infrastructure projects in Europe. “These projects, on strategic sections of Europe’s transport network, will help the….
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Information society

Brussels seeks common approach to 5G security threats
eubusiness, 29.03.2019
The EU Commission recommended a common EU approach to 5G security Tuesday, setting out measures to ensure 5G infrastructures are resilient and secure from technical or legal ‘backdoors’. Fifth generation (5G) networks are set to form the future backbone of our societies and economies,….
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Future wars will be waged with robots. But so might future peace ǀ View
euronews-en, 28.03.2019
Artificial intelligence (AI) usually makes headlines for all the wrong reasons: AI is being used to empower mass surveillance; AI will create autonomous weapons to make war-fighting more efficient; AI will revolutionise manufacturing – and take our jobs; AI will digitalise everything into the cloud – making us more vulnerable to hacking.
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AI tools help tech firms find the right hand for the job
economictimes, 28.03.2019
Companies that create artificial intelligence -based solutions for clients globally are increasingly putting technology to greater use internally, particularly in functions such as hiring owing to the sheer numbers they handle. Technology services firms such as and Capgemini are tapping into….
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Study shows limited control over privacy breaches by pre-installed Android apps
reuters, 25.03.2019
An independent study lead by an academic group in Spain has shown that what personal information can be collected by pre-installed programs on new Android mobile devices is expansive and faces little oversight. The investigation by the public Universidad Carlos III….
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The global battle for the internet is just startingJohn Harris
guardian, 25.03.2019
On the other side of the modern digital divide is the version of the internet pioneered in the west and now spreading around the planet, which revolves around Google and Facebook. These giants also feast on a mountain of personal information, but present themselves as a contrasting embodiment of….
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Food & Health

How to choose the right tracking tool to help you reach your health goals
forbes, 25.03.2019
“With apps,” he says, “ease of use is the key.” It’s okay to test out a few different apps and compare reviews. You also don’t have to commit to the first app you download. Scope out wearable devices in stores before you buy one or ask friends questions about theirs. Consider it an investment worth taking a little time on.
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How computer science is creating a new generation of clinicians
wired-co-uk, 25.03.2019
Eight years ago, Dr Dean Mohamedally, principal teaching fellow at University College London’s computer science department, launched a new initiative aimed at ridding computer science programmes of fiction. “It’s called the Industry Exchange Network (or IXN): it’s a teaching methodology we developed….
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The future of stretchable electronics
finanznachrichten-en, 25.03.2019
Stretchable electronics is emerging as a promising new technology for next-generation wearable devices, according to a review published in Science and Technology of Advanced Materials. The technology has many possible applications for healthcare, energy and the military.
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Self-powered, washable textiles may pay way for smart clothing
business-standard, 24.03.2019
Scientists have developed a textile-based display technology that is washable and does not require an external power source, paving the way for smart clothes. When we think about clothes, they are usually formed with textiles and have to be both wearable and washable for daily use.
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Healthy Breakfast: definitions, benefits and recommendations
euractiv-en, 23.03.2019
Breakfast literally means ‘break the fast’, as it is the first meal of the day designed to break the fast after the night period and is usually consumed within two to three hours of waking.
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Science policy & Communication

CBSE locates more fake news links about paper leaks
business-standard, 29.03.2019
(CBSE) has located more fake links on YouTube claiming to have access to Class 12 question papers on subjects which are yet to be conducted. “The board is keeping a constant vigil and bringing unwanted activities to the notice of police immediately so that suitable and strict action against….
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Duke University pays $112.5 million in fake research case sparked by whistleblower
reuters, 25.03.2019
Duke University agreed to pay $112.5 million to settle claims by a whistleblower that a former research technician knowingly submitted fake data in applications for federal research grants, the U.S. Department of Justice said on Monday. The accord resolves claims by a former Duke….
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EU initiatives

Study – Research for CULT Committee – Science and Scientific Literacy as an Educational Challenge
europarl, 18.03.2019
Research for CULT Committee – Science and Scientific Literacy as an Educational Challenge. European societies are faced with emerging threats relating to the spread of disinformation and pseudo-science. In this context, fostering scientific literacy can provide people with tools to….
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Study – Automated tackling of disinformation-Major challenges ahead – STOA/ESMH
europarl, 15.03.2019
STUDY Panel for the Future of Science and Technology European Science-Media Hub EPRSThis study maps and analyses current and future threats from online misinformation, alongside currently adopted socio-technical and legal approaches. Drawing on and complementing existing literature, the study summarises and analyses the findings of relevant journalistic and scientific studies and policy reports in relation to detecting, containing and countering online disinformation and propaganda campaigns.
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Study – Regulating disinformation with artificial intelligence – STOA/ESMH
europarl, 13.03.2019
STUDY Panel for the Future of Science and Technology European Science-Media Hub EPRSThis study examines the consequences of the increasingly prevalent use of artificial intelligence (AI) disinformation initiatives upon freedom of expression, pluralism and the functioning of a democratic polity. The study examines the trade-offs in using automated technology to limit the spread of disinformation online.
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Curious news

Daylight saving time in the EU: What’s it all about? The end of daylight saving time (DST) in the EU is looming.
deutschewelle-en, 30.03.2019
DST in the EU. Spring forward, fall back. Sound familiar? The catchphrase describes the practice of daylight saving time (DST), or moving the clock forward by one hour in summer to make evening daylight last longer. The practice is common in North America and Europe, with people changing their….
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Digital transformation: Re-imagining banking experience via ‘I@Bank’
financialexpress, 27.03.2019
In our reckoning, the future of banking in this disruptive environment can be experienced through new technologies such as Virtual Reality, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Mobility, Internet of Things, Chatbots and Open Banking.In our reckoning, the future of banking in this disruptive….
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Can plankton really make your skin glow?
dailymail, 17.03.2019
So far, so exciting. But while enthusiasts rave about this near-perfect ‘super food’ that’s even more potent than the other trendy marine algae, spirulina and Chlorella, there’s not yet much research on the specific benefits to humans. Of course, we know we should be eating more omega-3 and more….
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