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EU Project : CARTNET

EU project : CARTNET

sundCARTNET : This project trains young researchers in Europe to address serious and global problems of antibiotic resistance. CARTNET, which started begin 2018,  will focus on alternative approaches to handle antibiotic resistance and treating resistant infections in both humans and animals. It will provide competences to young researchers and future policymakers that will allow them to use knowledge at all relevant scientific levels and in collaboration with stakeholders in both human and veterinary medicine as well as in chemistry, structural biology and natural product chemistry to develop new antimicrobial solutions. The research training is hosted by universities with a strong track record of graduate training and is composed of an ambitious scientific program and with ample opportunity for networking at network meetings, conferences and shared secondments.

Coordinator: Kobenhavns Universitet, Denmark

Funding Scheme for Doctoral students with a Marie-Sklodowska-Curie-Actions (MSCA) Fellowship; MSCA-ITN-ETN – European Training Networks; H2020-EU.1.3.1.-Fostering new skills by means of excellent inital training of researchers;  grant agreement no. 765147


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