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The ESMH kick-off event : Communicating Science via Social Media June 27, 2018

Communicating Science via Social Media

European Science - Media Hub (ESMH) Kick-off event ' Communicating Science via Social Media - The importance of science communication and storytelling '

On the occasion of the presentation of the activities of the newborn European Science-Media Hub (ESMH), the lively discussion covered different aspects of science communications in the digital world.

© European Union 2018 – EP/photographer

The event’s main message was the need to bring together science journalists, scientists and policy-makers, to propose different options for better science communication to citizens – the central aim of the European Science-Media Hub.

Paul Rübig, STOA Vice-Chair : “The European Science-Media Hub aims to make knowledge available to all people” © European Union 2018 – EP/photographer

Eva Kaili, STOA Chair : “The ESMH aims at empowering science journalism and promote evidence-based information for citizens” © European Union 2018 – EP/photographer

Dr Cary Funk, Director of Science and Society Research, PEW Research Center : “Media has changed a lot in the last decade. The existence of social media means there are more content providers out there and many citizens get news from the social media”

Mico Tatalovic, Chairman of the Association of British Science Writers : “There is a crisis in science journalism, caused by the media business models being undermined by the rise of the online world…Society will always need science journalists, don’t let us go extinct!”

Nicholas Woërl, Physicist at the Nano Energy Technology Center (NETZ), Center of Nanointegration (CENIDE) at the University of Duisburg-Essen : “We need real scientists as credible role models for science communication…The role of science communication is to make quality information discovered”

Hashem Al-Ghaili, Science Communicator : “Successful science communication is based on quality content, simple language and visual presentation. Videos are a very effective science communication tools” © European Union 2018 – EP/photographer

Michael Peters, CEO Euronews : “With the arrival of new ways of communication we have to deal with an infobesity of news, which makes it difficult to ‘select’ messages”

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